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Household insurance


We can provide the exclusive protection of your home and valued possessions through a bespoke household insurance package.

Whilst the Internet offers a wide range of personal insurance products, they often lack the flexibility, personal service and claims centres out of the UK.

The Banq Insurance Services  is experienced in managing the insurance needs of people with higher-value homes and possessions, including valuable, fine art, collections, overseas property, yachts and holiday homes. We are experienced in placing business in the ‘high net worth’ arena and work with many of the most respected insurers and underwriters.

Our private client service includes:

  • A free, no-obligation quote to compare the cover we can provide with your current insurer.
  • A personal account and claims manager to oversee your account.
  • An independent survey recently estimated that 75% of affluent homeowners are currently inadequately insured. We hope you are not one of them.
  • Even if your insurances are not yet due for renewal, Contact us and we will contact you nearer your renewal.